MAY 18th – JUNE 14th

Winner New York Drama Critics Circle Award

Williams’ story of a family whose lives form a triangle of quiet desperation still resonates deeply and universally. One of a handful of American plays that can stand up to direct comparison with the permanent masterpieces of European theater. For those who believe that the ultimate purpose of art is to show us human behavior in all its proliferating, irreducible complexity, This youthful masterpiece stands as a model of what theater at its very best can do.


DATES: May 18th – June 4th

CURTAIN TIMES: Wednesday through Saturday 7:30 PM, Sundays at 2 PM

PRICES: Thursday through Sunday: $20 adult, $15 students – Wednesday: Pay what you wish


This play swims beautifully between realism and dream. To see it is to recognize the source of many playwrights’ daring – Arthur Miller, among them. The Glass Menagerie is a play of long reach and reverberations. Few dramas have been less concerned with being up to date.

- The Guardian


Suzanne Lederer, Robyn Rikoon, Geoffrey Pomeroy, Vaughn Irving (Hania Stocker June 3 and 4)
Directed by Robert Benedetti